Our plans provide either worldwide or regional coverage. Most of them offer insurance, evacuation services and repatriation benefits to cover you in any situation.

In order to provide you with an optimal health coverage, we partner with reliable and experienced Health Companies to offer you medical plans that match your needs.

Our Partners

Trinity Healthshare is a non-profit Health Care Sharing Ministry that offers an affordable health care solution and a good alternative to traditional healthcare plan.
• Trinity HealthShare programs are not insurance.
• Trinity HealthShare programs are a great alternative to ACA Compliant plans.
• Trinity HealthShare program subscribers are not subject to the ACA Tax Penalty.
• Applicants can enroll to Trinity HealthShare programs on a yearly basis, there is no enrollment period like the Market Place.

Plan Overview & Benefits

United Healthcare Florida offers a wide range of understanding health plans to cover you and your family.
• Regular insurance plans
• Temporary and short-term insurance plan
• Dental Insurance
• Plans Supplemental Insurance Plans

SHORT TERM PLANS | The Short Term Medical plans are especially designed to give you access to health coverage for a limited period of time (up to 12 months). Wether you lost your job, missed an enrolment period or waiting for another coverage to start, the Short Term Options offered by UHC are a great option. 

TRI TERM PLANS | The Tri Terms Plan is a 3-year short term insurance. Compare to a short term plan, the Tri Term is designed to provide you a longer access to health care benefits and includes a wider range of benefits like preventive care, prescription drugs, doctor office visits, urgent care and more.

CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE | Critical Illness Insurance is the best option to help you to face a lost of income when a serious illness keeps you from working. The cash can be use to pay for your medical expenses, your living expenses, etc… Keep in mind that a Critical Illness does not replace a Major Medical Coverage and covers you for 14 critical types of illnesses. 

ACCIDENT SAFEGUARD | The Accident SafeGuard is not a major medical coverage and does not provide the mandated coverage to avoid the penalty under the Affordable Care Act. This coverage pays fixed amount for losses resulting from qualifying accidental body injury. This plan also as optional Accidental Death Benefits.

IMG provides long-term comprehensive worldwide medical coverage for individuals and their families who live and / or work outside their home country.

The advantages ?
• Deductible options from $100 to $25,000
• Maximum limit options from $1,000,000 to $8,000,000

Plan Overview & Benefits

DIS – Disability Insurance Services, provides long-term care insurance to help people facing and paying the expense of long-term care. From paying for home health care to assisting in living facility care, DIS helps you facing hazard situations.

Spirit Dental provides individual and family dental & vision insurance to help keep your oral health on track. Spirit Dental offers an interesting and affordable range of dental insurance solutions.

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