Our plans provide worldwide coverage for travelers: individuals vacationers, relatives visiting, business travelers, groups…

In order to provide travelers with optimal health coverage, we partner with reliable and experienced Health Companies to offer medical plans that match any needs.

Our Partners

HCC Tokio Marine provides affordable Travel Medical Insurance and customizable coverage for travelers looking to cover specific needs while traveling.

• $2,000,000 Maximum Coverage
• Emergency Medical Evacuation
• Emergency Dental due to an Accident
• $1,000 for Lost Checked Luggage
• 7 Deductible Choices

Atlas Travel | Single Trips
Altas Multi-trip | Multi Trips
Altas Group | For groups of 5 or more

Plan Overview & Benefits

IMG offers travel medical insurance coverage for medical expenses & emergency evacuations while temporary traveling abroad. This plan provides essential medical benefits in case of an emergency.

• Renewable up to 36 months
• Deductible options from $0 to $25,000
• Maximum limits from $2,000,000 to $8,000,000